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Our mission is to help not for profit organizations and donors build a better world through enlightened philanthropy

We understand how important having effective major and legacy giving programs is to the success of your organization.

We will be the partner you need.

We also understand that you need a development partner to deliver innovative services, so you can access the valuable tools to help you make compelling gifting proposals.

The partner that can help you standardize your donor engagement processes and maximize efficiency and productivity. The partner that acts like an extension of your own staff and is accessible, accountable and available as needed. Organizations, corporations, individuals and governments have sought our counsel and have benefited from our hands-on approach in helping them achieve their vision.

Today, FUNDING matters is one of the largest and most successful philanthropic advisory firms with a strong track record of client success.

FUNDING matters'
the next step for your organization

FUNDING matters develops customized major gift capital campaigns, planned giving programs which engage donors, and well-thought through philanthropic plans.

The FUNDING matters POWER DONOR ® Solution provides non-profit organizations and institutions with the exact combination of expertise and flexibility to discuss Major Gifts and Planned Giving donations. Our goal is to help you maximize your donor opportunities and strengthen your donor stewardship abilities. We pass on to you our wealth of knowledge about cultivating and sustaining donor relationships, calculating giving scenarios, and inspiring meaningful and clear dialogue between you and your donors. With our breadth of expertise and depth of experience, FUNDING matters ® will be a valuable partner in addressing your fundraising development needs.

Our Team

  • William Petruck
  • Wendy Tran
  • Sarah Burd
  • Alicia Moore
  • Tina Holly
  • Andrika Boshyk
  • Laura Ashley
  • Gustav Cho
  • Tomo Nagamoto